Can Be Done

non-profit open knowledge base and consultancy for creators

We provide technical solutions and strategy ideas with risk evaluation in regard to digital and financial independence for artists of any kind.

Simply put, we want to help artists secure their future through art.

Enabling artists to live off their art

Can Be Done mission

We believe that at least half of the solution is about asking the right questions and evaluating your possibilities. Our goal is to let artists be aware of their options.

values & RULES

Clear communication, consistency, transparency, and professionalism are the keys to achieving goals.

We are two people’s project. One of us is a technical magician, another is a dreamer and a visioner. We can be hired separately or together depending on the goal or issue.


The main person on this project is Mark and he is responsible for everything technical. Mark is an expert in IT and everything that operates within the laws of physics and logic. He can do the job for you, or explain the process.

If you have your question ready – send it to us right away per email. For now, at the start the capacity is high and if we have the answer already, we will publish the most common weekly in our blog. Check it for already published solutions and to get some idea about Mark’s expertise.


The second person is Sicut, who is providing support in marketing strategy and encouraging artists to value themselves more. She was studying marketing to promote her own businesses, then ended up consulting and troubleshooting for others. However, from February she refuses to use her skills to blindly make money out of money.

Sicut provides self-management coaching and support for people who struggle with pricing their services, promotion strategies, and consistent media presence.


We can also be booked as a team of course, but please mind that we have different availability and most technical questions usually have a lot faster results, than strategic requests and marketing campaigns.

how to work with us:

If you are a self-promoting artist don’t hesitate to email us with the clear description of task at hand. We can’t make your art for you, but we can analyze, automate, optimize, and secure a lot of things.

Businesses can hire us directly in the store for an hourly rate or send us their request via email.

transparency statement